AER Technologies, Inc. Invests in BGA Rework Services

AER Technologies, Inc., keeping with a solid reputation of high quality circuit board rework & repair, recently invested in BGA rework equipment to accommodate the gamut of rework needs that exists today. BGA (Ball Grid Array) components have been on AER’s radar for years as the up and coming trend for rework because more and more electronic products use this technology. As microprocessors require less and less of a footprint on circuit boards, from cell phones to medical equipment, aerospace and beyond, BGA technology is becoming the standard on many of the circuit boards that are in need of repair.

With all of the options available today, AER chose a system that not only allows for simple, clean removal and installation of BGA components, but one that can accurately focus heat on defined areas of the circuit board so as not to damage neighboring components on highly populated boards. From one unit to volumes in the thousands, BGA components are easily removed and installed with the selected PACE IR 3000 BGA Rework System. The system is unique in that it uses PACE Exclusive, PID controllers to control thermal ramp rates in an effort to protect the integrity of the components and the board.

About AER Technologies, Inc. – AER Technologies, Inc., established in 1947, takes pride in being the highest quality source for electronics repair and circuit board rework in the United States.

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