Cable Terminations

There are numerous amounts of cable terminations on the market and they vary based on electronic device, age, and wiring. They also vary in terms of installation and repair techniques. Insulation displacement connectors (IDC) are a specific type of connector that don’t require the stripping away of insulation from wire to create a connection, rather, the insulation on a wire is pierced by metal blades which allow for electrical connection between the wire and connector. The stripping technique involves stripping away protective layers to expose the wire and then either crimping or soldering the wire to the connector. Here are a few different cable terminations used in-house for cable assembly repair and fabrication:

IDC Mass Termination


  • As technology continues to advance, this type of connector shows its age. It is an outdated connector but not obsolete as this types is still used on older equipment.
  • Wires are slipped through the connector where the shaped blades pierce the insulation in the designated V-notch. The V allows for wire alignment but also is the contact point between the connector and wires.
  • This type of connector is designated for mass termination, or the insertion of multiple wires through one connector. It may be used for
    ribbon cables in which the entire ribbon is inserted through the connector but only the wires are pierced.

IDC Discrete Cable Terminations


  • Similar to the previous connector, this IDC termination pierces the insulation of each individual wire with 4 designated insulation crimp tabs. The connection points are highlighted in red in the picture shown.
  • This connector also has designated arms that fold around the wire for support outlined in blue.
  • This would be used for an assembly of individually insulated wires rather than a ribbon cable.

Center Conduction Termination


  • For this method of termination, the insulation, shield, and outer coating are stripped away, exposing a section of wire.
  • There are designated tools that strip away all layers at once and to the accurate size.
  • In this picture there are two sections of insulation outlined in red and green which provides the wires with double the protection against outside interference and electrostatic discharge. The the braided metal shield is outlined in yellow.
  • These wires are used for audio, video, cable TV, signals, and so much more.

Tinning and Crimping Pins


  • For the purpose of this wire termination, wire is stripped to fit the larger, open end of this pin.
  • The wire is inserted and either crimped or soldered to the pins and then inserted into a connector.
  • Crimped pins grab on to the insulation of a wire and are less delicate than a soldered wire due to the added protection that securing the insulation provides.

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