Cerritos College GM ASEP Tours AER Tech

On Wednesday, March 2, 2015, AER Technologies welcomed students of the Cerritos College General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP) for a tour of the 65,000 square foot AER facility. The GM ASEP two year program is strategically designed by General Motors and Cerritos College and meant to give students more experience and a deeper look at GM products. One of the criteria for entrance into the program requires students to be current technicians at a GM dealership. So, since these students already acquired a background with GM, AER was excited to have them get a look further into AER’s designated GM production and assembly line.


Students witnessed first hand exactly how GM automotive instrument and display clusters are diagnosed, repaired, and assembled. They were given a demonstration of automotive radios, with detailed explanations on reasons why radios come through our facility, how AER processes them once they are in house, and exactly what to look for when diagnosing a problem. The tour lasted approximately an hour and a half. During this time, students were encouraged to ask questions of management and technicians.

General Motors Automotive Program

AER Technologies looks forward to future tours with GM ASEP as it is a great learning experience for students and an opportunity for AER Technologies to teach and showcase our own abilities and experiences in the automotive industry.


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