AER Technologies Certifications and Quality Assurance

With the amount of companies claiming their superiority in Printed Circuit Board rework, it is important to know of their qualifications before trusting them with your fragile PCB repair. AER Technologies is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2004, and IPC J-STD-001 certified and trains all technicians to these standards. In addition to our certifications, we pride ourselves in the additional steps our technicians take to ensure customers with the highest quality products and services. All of our PCB rework products undergo two post-rework tests, physical and visual, that verify the repair techniques used satisfy ISO and IPC standards.

Following repair, the first QC test involves putting components through electronic testing, applying voltage where needed. AER has the equipment needed to test all passive components (capacitors, resistors, etc). The main equipment used at AER to test these components includes digital multimeters, and oscilloscopes. The digital meter is a multipurpose tool as it is able to check shorts, the value of resistors, functionality of diodes, continuity of components or repaired traces and so much more. The main function of the oscilloscope is testing voltage, frequency, and signal. It gives a more precise reading than a multimeter. Upon completion of the physical test, the board moves to the Quality Control department.

The final test consists of a visual inspection by our designated Quality Control Technician who looks for correct component assembly, alignment, cleanliness (board is clear of excess flux, foreign objects and debris) and that the soldering and desoldering techniques follow IPC Standards. A specific example of what our QC technician looks for on a surface mount is accurate orientation and correct wetting (solder adhered to the pad on the PCB) based on the class of electronic. Our technician also looks for complications such as bridging, which is a common mistake on SMT as the contact points are small and compacted together. After successfully passing the visual test, the final product is ready to be picked up or sent back to the customer.

The additional steps we take to exceed customer expectations sets us above the rest in PCB rework. At AER Technologies, our number one priority is fulfilling customer requirements while adhering to industry standards. Experience the benefits of the highest quality control standards on your next PCB project, give us a call at (714) 446-6083 for a complimentary quote.

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