Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Facts

Cable assemblies and wiring harnesses are essentially a group of wires sheathed in an insulated or protective material and attached to a connector, connecting the wires to the electronic unit. They are used in almost all electronics and, like any electronic components, have a propensity to fail. AER Technologies has the capabilities to build and repair most types of assemblies or wiring harnesses. Below are a few facts about what goes into cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing and repair process at AER Technologies.:

Wire Prepping


There are a couple of different processes included in prepping a cable assembly/harness. The tinning process involves stripping away insulation to expose bare wires and then carefully soldering the wires together. Problems can arise during this process such as the wires becoming too hot which can cause the insulation to melt or shrink thus potentially exposing more wire than intended. During this process, it is advantageous to use wiring with thicker insulation to avoid melting and shrinking. An alternative to tinning is crimping. Similar to tinning, a section of insulation is stripped off; however, instead of using solder, the exposed wires and a small section of insulation are crimped together using a pin and crimping tool.

Tinning vs. Crimping

While both processes accomplish similar tasks, the determining factor for which process should be used depends on the connector and intended function of the assembly. Should the assembly endure a large amount of movement, the crimping process would actually be more advantageous as the crimping pin grabs on to a section of the insulation resulting in less strain on the wire. With tinning, the connector merely holds on to the wire, therefore it is easier for the wire to break as it does not have the support of the insulation. If the assembly is intended to be stationary, either process can be used.



Insulation and Braiding

Depending on the assembly or harness, it is common for the product to be wrapped in insulation. The multifunctional insulation acts as a protective barrier between the wires and outside elements. AER Technologies can apply any insulation; however, many of our cables are wrapped in an expandable and breathable polyester braid which keeps wires contained.


AER Technologies is an industry leader in creating and maintaining both simple and complex cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. We have built assemblies for a number of products including radios, automotive clusters, computers and entertainment systems just to name a few. Our trained and experienced technicians research and find all materials, even going as far as to make or modify their own tools to complete a job. Give AER Technologies a call today for a quote on your next custom cable assembly or wiring harness project.

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