Eyelet or Plated Hole Repair

Have a damaged eyelet on your printed circuit board? Eyelets are the plated holes used to connect through hole components or vias on a PCB and if damaged will hinder component repair. Damage inflicted to eyelets is most commonly due to human error either by not applying enough heat during component removal or by using unnecessary force. Other causes of damage include burns or oxidation and corrosion from an acid leaking component.

pcb eyelet repair
Damaged and Missing Eyelets on a Printed Circuit Board

Eyelet or plated hole repair is a tedious process and requires specialized tools. AER can easily repair any eyelet with an external connection. Here is what a successful eyelet repair completed by an AER Technician entails:

  1. They begin by clearing the hole of any left over debris using a specialized and size appropriate drill bit.
  2. Next they locate the correct size of eyelet and thread it through the existing hole
  3. Using a staking tool, the eyelet’s protruding edges are bent, which secures they eyelet to the board.
  4. Very carefully, a small section of solder mask is removed from the PCB, exposing the trace. Solder is applied from the exposed trace to the eyelet, reestablishing the electrical connection.
  5. Finally, the eyelet is tested for continuity.

Eyelet or plated hole repair is impossible without the right tools, and a good kit can cost upwards of $200. AER Technologies has the ability and experience to repair eyelets for a fraction of the cost of a risky at home remedy. Give us a call today for diagnostic testing and a free quote on your eyelet repair at (714) 446-6083.

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