Innovations of the Future in Printed Circuit Board Rework

As on-the-market electronics continue to shrink in size, their capabilities continue to increase in order to accommodate the needs of the competitive electronic industry. What was once a desktop computer has now transformed into smart phones, smart watches and wrist bands which are no longer limited to the simple tasks of telling time or simple phone calls; their abilities go far beyond as they can now to coach consumers on their dietary and exercise needs.  Along with shrinking electronics comes the reduction of internal components to miniscule micro-passives and micro-assemblies. The rise of surface mount technology brought about a change to the printed circuit board world as surface mount and ball grid array components are smaller, thereby freeing up more space on a PCB compared to through hole technology. They also allow for the assembly of smaller PCBs due to the decreased component size.

0201, 0402 and 0603 PCB Component Size
Smallest to largest: 0201, 0402, & 0603 components set to scale by the end of a lead pencil

Ideally, micro-passives and fine pitch components are the way of the future because of their size-to- ability ratio, but the question stands: should they succumb to electronic malfunction, can components as small as 0402 and 0201 be reworked? The answer is yes. Rework and hand soldering of these components is extremely tedious as problems such as tombstoning, misalignment, cold solder, and the infliction of physical damage to the component are quite common due to solder type, temperature or technical error on these small components. If attempting rework on micro-passives, it is imperative that the operator is experienced to avoid error.

Fine pitch component
Fine pitch component


AER Technologies has the ability and experience reworking 0402 and 0201 components using hand soldering techniques. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, AER is the number one choice in PCB rework and offers world class customer service. Give AER a call today for a free quote on your damaged micro level component at (714) 446-6083.

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