Circuit Board Repair

AER Technologies specializes in the removal and replacement of surface mount and through-hole components on electronic printed circuit boards (PCB Repair). IPC Certification ensures consistent, high quality results, while hand soldering and desoldering provide a cost-effective solution to low volume or high mix jobs. AER is RoHS compliant and capable of reworking class 1, 2 and 3 electronics.

Circuit board repair within 24 hours

PCB Rework Overview

  • Conveniently located in Southern California
  • Over 350,000 PCB repairs annually
  • 100+ specialized technical operators
  • Removal and installation of through-hole, SMT and BGA components
  • Replace & Rework Display Screens
  • Cleaning of Class 1 Surfaces
  • Replace Worn & Damaged Controls
  • Disassembly of Complex Component
  • Replace & Rework Subassemblies
  • Rework Board Connectors
Circuit Keyboard
  • PCB Surface Mount
  • Printed Circuit Board Repair & Rework
  • PCB Fine Pitch
  • Visual Inspection
  • Automated PCB Testing
  • Fireware Updates