Consumer PCB Repair

AER Technologies, Inc. provides full service circuit board diagnostics, repair and function testing for most consumer electrical systems at a fraction of the cost of replacement options. All repairs come standard with a 90 day warranty on parts and workmanship with additional warranty options up to one year available. Save money by repairing and not replacing expensive electronic components in your major home appliances, TV and audio systems, home automation systems and gym & fitness equipment electronics.

Repair and reworking equipment circuit boards is a much more cost effective alternative to replacement options for electrical components and equipment. AER Technologies, Inc. is the industry leader in circuit board repair and rework, get a free quote on your next PCB repair project today.
  • Conveniently located in Southern California
  • Over 350,000 circuit boards reworked annually
  • 100+ specialized technical operators
  • Removal and installation of through-hole, SMT and BGA components