Server Repair Services

AER Technologies provides expert server repair services across the United States. When a computer server breaks down, employees cannot access mission critical applications and information. Quick server component repairs are the best solution to getting programs and infrastructure back online quickly. AER’s comprehensive diagnostic services are designed to identify server problems and offer fast solutions, with the goal of minimizing business interruptions.

In the IT world, server problems can impede the operation of business and cause unanticipated system downtime. AER Technologies specializes in delivering comprehensive computer repair solutions to many types of organizations. Whether a client requires complete post rework function testing or component level repair, AER has the right technical staff on hand to provide immediate assistance.

AER Technologies provides quick turn around on your server repair projects by offering comprehensive diagnostic troubleshooting services, complete post rework function testing, and component level repair.

  • Motherboard component level repair
  • Hard drive repair and replacement
  • Connector repair and replacement
  • Harness fabrication
  • RAID build
  • Fan Replacement

AER Technologies has experience repairing many types of servers including:

Business IT

Cloud-based Networking Services

Database Servers