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Wind energy is a rapidly growing industry as it proves to be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than alternatives. The process releases a total of zero carbon emissions into our atmosphere which is incomparable to other energy producing techniques. With an increasing number of companies adopting wind turbines as their own renewable energy source, wind turbines seem to be the image of the future.

How they work

Wind turbines work by capturing the wind’s kinetic energy and converting it into energy for consumer use. There are a number of components that aid in the functioning of a wind turbine, but the following is a basic idea of how they operate according to The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:  the wind’s energy causes the blades on a turbine to spin around a rotator. The rotator is attached to a shaft which turns the generator, thus creating energy. Below is a diagram of the inside of a wind turbine:

Photo credit: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:
Photo credit: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:


While wind energy proves to be the most effective in creating cost effective renewable energy, it does come with some disadvantages. There are concerns regarding the amount of maintenance and repair a wind turbine requires. While most components are developed to last about 20 years, the reality is that parts fail much sooner. The environment is a common threat to electrical components as they have to withstand humidity, heat, and interestingly enough, lightning strikes. Additional threats include the buildup of lubricants and wearing out from old age. If a wind turbine is not routinely serviced, the consequences and costs of repair can be substantial.

Repairs at AER Technologies Inc.

Wind Turbine electronics repair is an area of expertise at AER Technologies. Our technicians are highly qualified and can ensure quality you can trust. Over the years, AER Technologies continues to repair circuit boards for anemometers, power supply boards, mother boards, and cable harnesses just to name a few. Our services are not limited to remanufacturing; we fabricate electrical components as well. Give us a call today for a quote on your wind turbine electrical equipment in need of repair or manufacturing.


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